• TalkiPlay Starter Kit
  • TalkiPlay Starter Kit
  • TalkiPlay Starter Kit
  • TalkiPlay Starter Kit
  • TalkiPlay Starter Kit
  • TalkiPlay Starter Kit
  • TalkiPlay Starter Kit

TalkiPlay Starter Kit

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What’s included in your TalkiPlay Starter Kit

Our TalkiPlay Starter Kit features everything you need to kickstart your child’s communication journey. It includes one TalkiPlay speaker in a sleeping bag, the charging cord, one wooden rainbow set of ‘smart’ stickers and 12 additional ‘smart’ stickers that you can use with your toys to extend your child’s vocabulary further. 

Parents will also need to download the TalkiPlay app to activate the device and program the tags.

What’s in the Starter Kit?:

1 x TalkiPlayer device – I’m cute, yellow and I am your child’s hand-held speech & language guide to take home and keep.

1 x Wooden Rainbow Set.

1x  TalkiPlayer recharge cord.

1x TalkiPlayer protective bag.

12 x Extra smart stickers.

1 x TalkiPlayer companion app free to track your child’s progress.

1 x TalkiPlay game token to unlock the next speech game of your choice for free.

    A child finding their voice is one of the great joys of parenthood. 

    Developing the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings — as well as make-believe worlds — to their family and friends can boost their self-confidence as well as critical social skills. 

    That's where our TalkiPlay Starter Kit comes in — a speech therapist-recommended home practice tool to help parents with young children with speech delays.

    With our starter kit speech therapy tool, you can assist your child in a fun and interactive way. See the smiles on their faces as they learn new words and sounds with our powerful interactive games. Engage kids with fun visuals and sounds that are designed to teach them core communication skills. In addition to our speech therapy toys, our built-in tracking technology records data, so you can monitor and track their progress and ensure their positive growth.

    Assist your child's speech development with our TalkiPlay Starter Kit

    We have a supportive community and online resources that provide access to strategies related to language development. We are here not only to help your child’s development but to also assist with your understanding of the process. With our TalkiPlay Starter Kit, your child will have more confidence when communicating as they learn new sounds and concepts. 

    Need help using the kit? Contact us — we’d be happy to help you make the most of our speech therapy tools.


    Find the most frequently asked questions below.

    Included in the Starter Kit is:
    1x TalkiPlayer device (includes charging cord and a sleeping bag)

    1x wooden rainbow, complete with TalkiTags

    12x additional TalkiTags 

    You’ll need to download the TalkiPlay app - only available in the Apple Store - to activate the TalkiPlayer device and program your tags.

    Shipping is free within Australia for all orders over $50.  

    Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to ship outside Australia.

    The TalkiPlayer is designed especially for little hands! 

    Standing at 8cm tall, the TalkiPlayer has been designed with occupational therapists to promote muscle development in little hands that will assist with activities such as holding eating utensils and pencils!

    Of course you can!

    Each TalkiPlayer Starter Kit comes with an additional 12 TalkiTags for you to attach to your own objects around the house. You can use these additional tags to place on other colour objects to use in the colour game, or you can unlock one of our other games and use the TalkiTags for those games. 

    Extra TalkiTags are available for purchase from the TalkiPlay online shop.


    The cost of the TalkiPlay Starter Kit can be claimed back from the consumables budget on your NDIS plan. If you are self managed you can claim back the cost after purchase through the NDIS portal. If you have a plan manager, simply email us at accounts@talkiplay.com to request an invoice - more detailed information about this process can be found on our dedicated NDIS information page.

    Currently, the TalkiPlay app is only available in the Apple store. You will need an iPhone or iPad to download the TalkiPlay app, which assists in programming your TalkiPlay device.

    We are working hard to bring you an android version. 

    The best toys for speech therapy include items that encourage communication. The TalkiPlay Starter Kit is designed for parents who want to help their children develop better language and social skills with fun and engaging toys.

    Toys that stimulate language development include building blocks, books and games that involve turn-taking and following directions. The TalkiPlay Starter Kit comes with toys such as blocks and books, which can stimulate language development in children.

    Activities that can help with speech delay include reading books, playing with musical instruments and engaging in pretend play to encourage language use.