TalkiPlay For Educators

Building children’s speech & language to be‘school ready’

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Our TalkiPlay for Education program aims to strengthen the capabilities of early childhood educators and improve communication outcomes for children through:

  • Supporting educators to identify and set communication goals

  • Utilising play-based approaches for strengthening communication

  • Incorporating everyday environments into communication practise

  • Including families in discussions about communication 

How does TalkiPlay help educators?

Whether using our specially designed Speech & Language program for a specific individual or giving every child in your centre a language boost, TalkiPlay works effectively to build their speech and language skills - providing a new way for children to explore, play & learn off-screen.

Simply plug, pair, and play.

Great for solo play or in team activities.

TalkiPlay is ideal for children with language delayautism, or social anxieties.

Learning is moderated by educators using the companion app.

  • Our research-supported language program

    improves language development for vulnerable learners aged 3-5 years who have speech delay, ASD, ADHD, DLD & English as a second language.

  • Child-learning

    Talkiplay's approach to learning is based on kid's interests, with fun language games incorporating colours, dinosaurs, planets, vehicles, ABC phonics, songs & counting. Chinese (Mandarin) versions are also coming soon.

  • TalkiPlayers are perfect for little hands

    Designed by occupational therapists, they are also rechargeable, non-toxic, bit-proof, child-safe, easy to wipe and clean and simply controlled with our app.

  • Peer to peer communication

    is improved with our fun TalkiPlayer and game packs, which also help to build social skills and friendships.

  • We're here to help

    with creative programs and award-winning technology that requires only limited training for educators, no onerous language program admin and delivers endless fun for kids.

Educator products are available for Early Learning Centres. We recommend four resources kits for a class size of 20 students.

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TalkiPlay Language Access to enable the environment is a comprehensive kit.

It is suitable for early learning childhood centres. Designed to boost your enabling environments and promote fun, language rich interactions supported by child-led, screen free technology. The TalkiPlay Language Access Kit has demonstrated alignment with the EYLF, NQS and state-based early learning frameworks.

TalkiPlay provides a comprehensive approach to dismantling inclusion barriers that result from diverse speech and language capabilities in Early Childhood Education and Care.

The Kit includes:

6 hand-held child exploration units
2 sound enabled wooden rainbows
2 sound enabled wooden vehicle sets
2 sound enabled moveable planet sets
100 (versatile) environmental activation tagsTalkiPlay Premium Multi-License Access (Valued at $2000)