Support Your Child's Speech with TalkiPlay

Perfect for children 3–5 years-old with speech and language delay.

If your child is awaiting a diagnosis for autism, in a long queue to see a speech pathologist, needing extra support at home between therapy sessions, or not meeting talking milestones TalkiPlay can help.

Speech Pathologists recommend TalkiPlay at home

“As a parent, I know how daunting it can be when children need more support to reach development milestones, and how difficult it might be to know where to go for help, and who to trust for advice.

As a Speech Pathologist, I have worked closely with families to provide the information and strategies they need to boost their child’s communication skills. But as many of you know, accessing expert advice and support is especially challenging just now with long waiting lists. TalkiPlay offers a fun, engaging way for parents to help children with speech and language, that doesn’t feel like hard work!

TalkiPlay turns frustration into giggles as children learn through play."

Kathryn Marrington
Head of Speech and Language

How does TalkiPlay help my child?

"The more you play and talk together, the more words your child hears. This improves your child’s talking skills and helps their brain develop"

"Don't wait and see". Start your child's speech practise today

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Open the lid on your TalkiPlay Starter Kit and discover a world where real objects can talk!

Approved by speech therapist to practice language milestones. This child-friendly handheld speaker works with “smart” stickers attached to the colours of the wooden rainbow. Kids can scan the stickers to hear words, sentences, and sounds to mimic and learn new words. The companion iOS app for parents allows for “set-and-play” functions for volume control and to improve focus.

Step back and watch your child explore, play and learn for themselves how to listen, respond, say new words and smile.

The rainbow Starter Kit introduces children to HUNT (find red) and EXPLORE (red) games. When your child is ready to move on to learn more words use your 12 extra “smart” stickers in the kit to make your table, chair, door, toy car (…and so much more) talk & extend their learning.

Starter Kit contents:

1x TalkiPlayer speaker in sleeping bag + charging cord

1x Wooden rainbow set ("smart" stickers)

12x Additional "smart" stickers

Unpack the wonder box and wake up the cute TalkiPlayer speaker. Arrange the rainbow which comes with its own “smart” stickers, have your child grasp the device made for little hands and use it to tap the tags to hear the rainbow speak.

*Charge and pair the TalkiPlay speaker with our companion iOS app

    TalkiPlay makes learning fun! Our trials showed children are more engaged in language activities when they were led using TalkiPlay.

    - Goodstart Early Learning

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