Is your child struggling?

1 in 5 children experience a form of language delay.

Articulation + confusion are common indicators of a language issue - however, tantrums, refusals, lacking friends, anxiety and physical bad behavior (e.g. hitting, biting, etc) often come from a lack of language skills.

Whether you're waiting for a diagnosis or needing extra support between therapy sessions, our TalkiPlay Starter Kit is here to help.

TalkiPlay is ideal for children with language delay, autism, or social anxieties. 

Meet the cutest speech & language guide

TalkiPlay actively engages children away from screens!

TalkiPlay Starter Kit

The Starter Kitis designed for all parents who want to help their child develop better language and socialisation skills through active play.

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Our physical device ("TalkiPlayer") acts as a guide for children to practise and develop their speech and language skills: new words, sentences and listening.

How does it work?

Using a play-based learning model, TalkiTags attach to real-life items (e.g. a toy bus, chair or t-rex) that match a TalkiPlay game. Led by the companion app, the TalkiPlayer guides the child through different activities, bringing their natural environment to life. Each successfully completed game builds rewards and tracks new words they've understood, length of play and progress toward their learning goals. 

Most TalkiPlay game themes have 3 learning options to build and strengthen different communication skills. These are:

  • Image reading "Our Explore games are great for kids with expressive language delay"

    Explore Games

    Expressive language(e.g. “Hi, I am a T-rex”)

  • Image with text reading "Our Hunt games help children practise reception instructions"

    Hunt Games

    Receptive instructions(e.g. “Find the toilet”)

  • Image with text reading "Our Smart games are for active growth language. Good for all kids!"

    Smart Games

    Active language growth(e.g. “I am a primary colour”)

How could TalkiPlay help my child?

TalkiPlay boosts children's speech and language skills in preparation for school.

All TalkiPlay toys and games, used in conjunction with our companion TalkliPlay app and TalkiPlayer device, work to complement TalkiPlay language programs at Early Learning Centres/Preschools, within therapy sessions where TalkiPlay is a feature and at home. 

This TalkiPlay program including devices and toys are available only in Australia and New Zealand.

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