In 2019, an independent research trial was conducted with TalkiPlay in two early learning centres in Melbourne, Australia.

Here is a summary of those findings.

In addition, research reported children:

  • significantly improved their language development outcomes
  • were engaged in sustained interactions, often lasting for more than 10 minutes.
  • were visibly excited and engaged in language practice when using TalkiPlay, and shared their enjoyment by smiling, laughing, and making comments/questions during the experience.
  • children initiated eye contact & peer to peer communication with each other and adults.
  • engaged in indoor & outdoor play while using the TalkiPlay.
  • For educators, the research found that:

  • it gave them a tool to target goals for specific children, such as articulation, using simple words, and peer interaction
  • it provided an opportunity to share and reinforce new vocabulary words and introduce new concepts
  • the interactive technology-based experience sparked children’s excitement and engagement and provided a rich tactile learning experience that related to everyday items around the centre.

  • The device could be used in a range of activities, including:
  • team-work games that encouraged peer-to-peer interaction
  • as a task to settle and re-engage kids
  • within a small group or specifically focussed with children with language delays, and
  • in a structured timed experience (2 kids explore, the rest listen with the educator asking open-ended questions using spatial vocabulary).

  • Since then…

    With COVID-19 forcing centres to close, we set about making TalkiPlay available at home (launching a new app) and expanding our games universe. Now, in 2021, we’ve launched a bigger and better Speech & Language Program into early learning centres with more activities and device specifications designed to support educators!