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Using play-based learning (and with games that actually interests kids!), kids actively learn and accelerate their language development with their favourite toys. Boosting confidence to practise and having fun is all part of learning!

  • Colour

    Colour Smart is a play-based building block for expressive language development using active word association in a child’s own space. If you're playing with colours, you can also play Colour Hunt and Colour Explore.

  • Planets

    Kids with a speech delay can struggle with everyday words. Trying new words from topics that interest them can focus their attention. Succeeding on these different words boosts their confidence to keep practising.
    Play Hunt, Explore or Smart.

  • Room to life

    Room Hunt is a goal-based treasure hunt game encouraging children to find objects like chairs, doors, tables, etc in their own home. The Room Explore game is a building block for expressive language development.

  • Dinosaurs

    Similar to planets, leaning into a child’s obsession to stimulate their language development and confidence talking is great - but studies show it can also lead to enhanced perseverance, improved attention, and strengthen their complex thinking skills. If your child LOVES dinosaurs, have them Hunt and Explore in their own space - or learn facts via Smart.

  • Vehicles

    Does your child have a toy bus, car, digger, helicopter, train, truck, boat, or plane at home? Our games allow you to play with only the items you have available - or want to focus on. Our Hunt game prompts kids to follow instructions. Or let them practise vehicle sounds and names in our Explore game… or extend their learning through our Vehicles Smart game.

Learning themes

  • Smart Games

    Active language growth
    (e.g. “I am a primary colour”)

  • Explore Games

    Expressive languag
    (e.g. “Hi, I am a T-rex”)

  • Hunt Games

    Receptive instruction
    (e.g. “Find the toilet”)

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