For Allied Health Assistants & Key Workers
(Transdisciplinary clinicians)

Mode of Delivery: online modules

Duration: 5 x 45 minutes delivered online

Session planning templates
Learning program journal

Course Overview

  • Module 1

    Setting up for success: Working with families

    Participants will recognize and implement the key ingredients needed to build a trusting relationship with children and families when starting their therapeutic journey.

  • Module 2

    Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk: Speech and language development

    Participants will define the array of skills that come together to form communication, when these skills develop in the neurotypical population and what this means for children who may be developing language differently.

  • Module 3

    The Nuts and Bolts: Language stimulation and therapeutic basics

    Participants will cement their understanding of language development and will demonstrate 4 key strategies to facilitate language learning.

  • Module 4

    Therapeutic Insights: Power of play, being intentional communicating with caregivers

    Participants will describe the myriad of ways that play positively impacts child development and how to support families to be intentional when playing together.

  • Module 5

    Elevate you Interactions: Working flexibly and responsively with children

    Participants will work in partnership with their Lead Clinician to modify their interactions with children to challenge or provide additional language support when needed.


$550 per person provides online access to the complete training program