The educators at your preschool have implemented TalkiPlay to make a positive and inclusive learning space for children with different executive functions, needs and abilities, and to connect with them through play to boost their speech & language development.

Can I support my child at home?

How TalkiPlay Works

TalkiPlay is an innovative tool for speech and language learning. It supports the way children develop language by supporting the regulation of emerging emotions, learning speech and language, developing literacy and interacting socially.

  • TalkiPlay helps all children to improve their attention, listening understanding and expressive language.  
  • TalkiPlay also supports social and emotional development by enhancing a child’s confidence, motivation, and self-esteem.
  • For children who have speech and language challenges, TalkiPlay 
  • levels the playing field to make language more accessible.
  • For children who may have typically emerging or advanced language development, TalkiPlay can provide extension and opportunities for increased quality of peer interaction.

TalkiPlay is available to use at home, and can be covered on NDIS (for those with an approved NDIS plan).

Managing a language delay in your child can seem overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that your experience is not uncommon — 1 in 5 children experience some form of language delay.

TalkiPlay feels like a toy, but in reality, it is a research backed method that entices your child to practice their speech development. It is specially designed to increase the amount of words your child focuses on, hears and understands. 

Your Child's Speech is Important

TalkiPlay comes highly recommended by speech pathologists and happy parents across the country who have witnessed the benefits of this hand-held therapy tool.

Order a TalkiPlay Starter Kit and our online Therapy Course (TalkiPlay Talking Together) to DIY use at home.