Getting Started

Getting started with your TalkiPlayer couldn’t be easier. Watch the following videos and you’ll be exploring and playing in no time.

How to charge your TalkiPlayer

Each TalkiPlayer is supplied with a micro-USB cable. Connect your Pal to a power source and charge it up!

How to wake up your TalkiPlayer

Shake Me to Wake Me! Waking your TalkiPlayer is as simple as a shake. Watch the video to find out how to wake your TalkiPlayer up.

How to set up your game packs

Before you can play a game you first have to set up your game pack. Don’t worry though it’s super simple.

How to adjust the volume

I’ve been designed to set and play for children - that’s why there are no volume buttons directly on the TalkiPlayer itself. But, my volume can be turned up or down via the settings section of your app. This ensures the Educator has control at all times.

How to start and end a game

Learn how to start and end a game with your TalkiPlayer and Home tag.

You can find all these videos on our TalkiPlay Support channel