Getting Started

Getting started with your TalkiPlayer couldn’t be easier. Watch the following videos and you’ll be exploring and playing in no time.

How to start and end a game?

How do I unlock games?

How do i access a Childs Progress?

Can i add extra Children?

How to Charge your TalkiPlayer

My TalkiPlayer isn't talking

I'm having trouble pairing my TalkiPlayer to the app

How many items should I select in a game?

How do i change the TalkiPlayers Volume?

How do I turn my TalkiPlayer off?

How to put TalkiPlayer into Deep Sleep

How do I Wake up my talkPlayer from deep sleep?

How do i program a smart sticker?

How do i add a home tag?

Is TalkiPlay available on all devices?

Can i use my own toys with TalkiPlay?

My TalkiPlayer is low on Energy

How do I access my egg rewards?

You can find all these videos on our TalkiPlay Support channel