How do I activate my TalkiTags?

 With your account set up, have your TalkiTags nearby and select a game to start activating the tags.

1. Select a game to play (eg; Dinosaur Hunt) to see the items in the game and gather them up (eg; T-Rex)

.2. Attach your TalkiTag to the item

3. Activate the item by selecting the matching item on the app, then tap the TalkiPlayer to the tag.

4. Hit the ‘Save’ button and you have a T-Rex ready to roar!

Continue for all other items you want to include.

Top Tip: you can program a TalkiTag to be more than one item (for example a tag can be both red and door). However, you are not able to use one tag for more than one item in each game (for example a tag can't be both red and purple or door and kitchen).