• Speech & Language Resource Kit for Educators
  • Speech & Language Resource Kit for Educators
  • Speech & Language Resource Kit for Educators
  • Speech & Language Resource Kit for Educators

Speech & Language Resource Kit for Educators

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TalkiPlay is an Australian made speech support device for children aged 2-6 years old. 

Approved by speech therapist to practice language milestones. This child-friendly handheld speaker works with “smart” stickers attached to tactile wooden toys to provoke play-based language interest in young children - the colours of the wooden rainbow and wooden vehicles.

Kids scan the "smart" stickers to hear words, songs, sentences, and sounds to mimic and learn new words. The companion iOS app allows for “set-and-play” functions for volume control, level of difficulty, and to improve focus. You can watch a demo here

Step back and watch children explore, play and learn for themselves how to listen, respond, say new words and smile.

TalkiPlay's innovative approach improves language interactions for literacy vulnerable children: Read our latest publication co-authored with the Heads of Speech & Inclusion from GoodStart Early Learning - here to learn more

The Resource Kit for Educators is set to our highest premium level access. This gives you all the games in the TalkiPlay app for free and as many users as you need.

Resource Kit for Educators contents:

1x TalkiPlayer speaker in sleeping bag + charging cord

1x Wooden rainbow set (with "smart" stickers)

1x Wooden vehicle set (with "smart" stickers)

12x Additional "smart" stickers

Includes premium access to all (27) game access

Unlimited users

Personalised setup for your account


Access to TalkiPlay will improve speech and language development opportunities for families in our community and have an impact for literacy vulnerable children at the beginning of early childhood when it makes the largest outcome.


    How many Educators Kits do I need?

    The recommended purchase is 5 kits for each early learning environment.


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    • Receipts: No matter the payment method, a receipt will be provided to the email address entered at checkout.
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    Find the most frequently asked questions below.

    Included in the Starter Kit is:
    1x TalkiPlayer device (includes charging cord and a sleeping bag)

    1x wooden rainbow, complete with TalkiTags

    12x additional TalkiTags 

    You’ll need to download the TalkiPlay app - only available in the Apple Store - to activate the TalkiPlayer device and program your tags.

    Shipping is free within Australia for all orders over $50.  

    Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to ship outside Australia.

    The TalkiPlayer is designed especially for little hands! 

    Standing at 8cm tall, the TalkiPlayer has been designed with occupational therapists to promote muscle development in little hands that will assist with activities such as holding eating utensils and pencils!

    Of course you can!

    Each TalkiPlayer Starter Kit comes with an additional 12 TalkiTags for you to attach to your own objects around the house. You can use these additional tags to place on other colour objects to use in the colour game, or you can unlock one of our other games and use the TalkiTags for those games. 

    Extra TalkiTags are available for purchase from the TalkiPlay online shop.


    The cost of the TalkiPlay Starter Kit can be claimed back from the consumables budget on your NDIS plan. If you are self managed you can claim back the cost after purchase through the NDIS portal. If you have a plan manager, simply email us at accounts@talkiplay.com to request an invoice - more detailed information about this process can be found on our dedicated NDIS information page.

    Currently, the TalkiPlay app is only available in the Apple store. You will need an iPhone or iPad to download the TalkiPlay app, which assists in programming your TalkiPlay device.

    We are working hard to bring you an android version.