Let’s get paired up!… 1, 2, 3.

1. Wake up!

Make sure your TalkiPlayer is awake (see our short how-to video to learn how)

2. Tap

Tap the TalkiPlayer on the home tag (the square sticker) to pair it with your app.

TIP: Most of our centres stick the home tag to the back of the device (e.g. iPad) they’re using. The home tag is needed each time you play.

3. Pair

The first time you pair you may see an updating screen. Don’t fret - the app is collecting a few new assets. Will take a few moments.

Having issues? We’re here to help. Book a support call quickly via Calendly.

It’s easy to connect your centre’s device to the TalkiPlayer you want to use. You’ll always be prompted to pair before you play.


Talkiplayer not waking up? Try plugging it into the charge