A real world language playground - Where spaces come to life and talk!


Children learn language through play

TalkiPlay engages children in hands-on exploration of their world through play to accelerate a child’s understanding of language


Designed for kids

Our custom designed Talkiplay readers are built for small hands, enabling children to explore the world with ease.

Next gen technology

Talkiplay's mobile app uses cutting edge technology to track the child's adventure and sends them on a language learning journey like none other.

Different games

Embark on an exciting quest, or choose to simply explore - TalkiPlay has games for children of all levels and interests.


The power of play

Talkiplay harnesses play-based learning to accelerate language development


Collaborative learning

Talkiplay is fun for children and parents alike, with both actively engaged in the learning experience


Using real objects

Explore through active learning and engagement with the physical world, not just through a phone screen.

for parents.png
This will allow those active children who don’t slow down to practice language.
— Maxine - Gumnut Pre School

Turn your home into a language learning playground - join the waitlist!



Turn your home into a language learning play-ground.

Early education and therapy

Close the language gap, encourage practice between therapy sessions and help children generalise language across multiple environments.


Use TalkiPlay technology to transform your space into an interactive learning playground.