About Dr Annie


Dr Annie McAuley created TalkiPlay to encourage her daughter to speak. Like 1 in 5 children under 5 years old in Australia, her daughter was struggling with a delay in language development. A delay in early language impacts a child’s life literacy skills and confidence to engage in social connections. Annie applied her research background with her own experience of language loss following a traumatic brain injury aged 18 - to create TalkiPlay!

TalkiPlay makes learning language fun for children and simple for parents. Encouraging children to explore their own world to accelerate their language development.


Turn your home into a language learning playground - join the waitlist!



Turn your home into a language learning play-ground - join the waitlist.

Early education and therapy

Close the language gap, encourage practice between therapy sessions and help children generalise language across multiple environments.


Use TalkiPlay technology to transform your space into an interactive learning playground.